Rapid Response and Legislative Education Commitee

Rapid Response and Legislative Education Commitee

Rapid Response is the Steelworkers’ nonpartisan grassroots education, communication, and action program that provides the necessary structure to inform every USW member about pending legislation concerning labor and work-related issues. Rapid Response provides opportunity for all USW members to have a strong voice and an active part in the legislative activities that affect their daily lives and allows USW members to fight back on a daily basis on issues that affect them, their families, and their communities.

For 20 years, the Rapid Response program of the United Steelworkers has been educating and empowering members to engage in legislative battles across the country


Political Action Committee/Legislative Education Commitee

Many companies, individuals, corporations and organizations have established a PAC (Political Action Committee) in order to contribute money to their favorite political party and candidates, because it is often said that a certain candidate would make the best representative for his/her people, but they don’t have enough money to get their message across to the citizens, they probably won’t win.

With less than 42% of the registered voters participating in the election process on a regular basis, and t33% of union workers voting for politicians that have taken a pledge to support legislation that eliminates collective bargaining, it has become vitally important that our PAC reps educate our members on the value of participating in the election process, which includes raising PAC dollars.

Political Activism

The right to vote is central to our democracy, and it is a right that Americans have fought to protect for generations.

Steelworkers efforts are critical in making sure that the issues affecting working people are at the forefront of every election.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren showed why there IS a difference in candidates when introducing Kentucky candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes. She laid out in plain language why not all politicians are the same.


To get involved please contact one of the commitee members listed below at
(909) 302-0000:
Claudette Baker
Micheal Barnett
John Bryan
Diana Gandara
Marie Loska
Norberto Gomez
Ethel Reyes
Valery Robinson
Lynn Summers
Maricela Campos