United Steelworkers HCWC STAT FACTS 10-27-17

United Steelworkers HCWC STAT FACTS 10-27-17

Reductions In Federal Funding For Health Law Navigators Cut Unevenly

The Trump administration is using a variety of tactics in its attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act. In addition to ending subsidies that helped low-income working people afford insurance, Trump is also shortening the enrollment period in which people can sign up for new plans and cutting funding for health law navigators who help consumers make sense of the market and find a plan that’s right for them.

However, these cuts are not affecting all states equally, writes Alex Olgin for NPR, leaving some states relatively untouched while others are facing a near crisis.

States like South Carolina that are facing massive cuts must prioritize who they help, often focusing on urban areas with higher density but leaving rural populations that are more likely to need help with fewer resources.

Without help, fewer people are likely to sign up for insurance, leaving a smaller, sicker pool of consumers, driving up prices and leaving many without access to care.

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October 30, 2017